Hot Trax Studio

Hot Trax Studio

Demo & Master Sessions


  • Sunshine  & Moon are record producers, track producers and music producers.
  • We are  available to be your "music director" to create, shape, and mold  your music. Whether you are recording one or two songs or an entire album. We will develop an overall vision  for your album or single song project making sure they interrelate to your  unique style and sound
  • We will oversee and manage your sound recording and all the production of  your band or solo artist's music.
  • We can  help you  or your band record one  song or we can record a concept album.
  • We can gather musical ideas for your project, or collaborate with you to select   cover tunes or original songs that you have already chosen.
  • We  will work with you to help you improve your songs, lyrics or arrangements.
  • We can  select session musicians to play the rhythm section, accompaniment parts  and or solos.
  • We can  co-write with you and propose ideas to the song arrangements.
  • We  will coach the singers and musicians in the studio and supervise the  entire process from pre-production, through to the sound recording and  mixing stages.
  • We  will oversee  the audio mastering  stage of your project.
  • We  will engineer basic ideas in our studio and select the best engineers for  your master recording session as well as provide suggestions to the  engineer.
  • We  will produce your session with union professional musicians, file the  session with the union and pay the session musicians and engineers.
  • Sunshine  and Moon will ensure that the entire project is completed within your  record companies' budget.
  • As  your producers we will also often take on a the responsibility for the  budget, schedules, contracts, and negotiations.
  • As  your producers we will work with your Executive Producers who will oversee  your projects finances.
  • We  will oversee the complete creative process of recording your songs or  albums.
  • We  will arrange, compose or co-write with the musicians in your band or bring  you songwriters who can bring fresh ideas to your project. 
  • Besides  making any songwriting and arrangement adjustments, will select or gives  suggestions to the mixing engineer, who will take the raw recorded tracks  and edit and modify them with hardware and software tools and create a  stereo or surround sound "mix" of all the individual voice sounds  and instruments, which will in turn receive further adjustments by a  mastering engineer. 
  • We  will work closely with the recording engineers who will concentrate on the  technical aspects of your recording, while working closely with the  Executive Producer who will keep an eye on your overall project's marketability.
  • We can  use a combination of digital recording and producing tools, utilizing live  musicians with music software technology on our digital audio work  stations, our Pro-Tools, and Ableton midi file sound banks to characterize   the direction of your arrangements in pre-production before going into an  analog studio to record.
  • We   will track and engineer the arrangement ideas to a DAW (digital audio workstation) 
  • Sunshine  & Moon will work side by side with the band or solo artists while they  play or sing their part and coach them on how to perform it and how to get  the best technical accuracy (e.g., intonation).
  • If  needed we also can play multiple instruments and sing backup vocals.

Hot Trax Studio

Established 1994 Nashville, TN Music Row


Our original location for Hot Trax Studio was next to music row on West End Ave. Nashville, TN

We Added a Rehearsal Hall in Nashville, TN 1996


We moved and purchased a property on Woodland St. Nashville, TN  and added a rehearsal hall to Hot Trax Studios in 1996.

TV / Film Studio Atwater Village, CA 2000


We moved and set up the studio at my father Harold Smith's TV and Film studio called Atwater Village Studio's in Los Angeles, California in 2000

Hot Trax Studio - Mobile Studio Since 2010

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