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I Love America USA

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A Few Reasons Why We Love America USA

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We Love America USA!!!

 We love America USA!!!  I would like to share some reasons why you should also love the United States of America.  

  • Freedom: We have many freedoms that should not be taken for granted like,  our freedom of speech. We can speak of our faith, offer constructive ideas about our government, pray in public for our country, our family and friends and support our President.  We can be proud of things we support to anyone in the country. In other countries, you can be killed for expressing your viewpoints because it is not tolerated or someone doesn’t respect your opinions. I enjoy the fact that even though Americans may disagree on certain viewpoints, we are still respectful of each other`s views.
  • Land Of Opportunity:  You can accomplish anything so long as you set your mind to it in America. Anyone can grow up to become a president, congressman, a professional athlete, or an entrepreneur. There have been so may success stories throughout history in the U.S. that go to prove that anything can be accomplished in this country. Especially because God blessed America!!
  • Constitutional Rights: Our U.S. Constitution gives us rights as American citizens. Among them are the freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of assembly, and the freedom to bear arms. Of course we have the right to vote in our local, state, and federal elections, because our voices should be heard because they matter.
  • American People United:  Nowhere in the world will you find a country with a more diverse body of culture than that of the U.S. And, there is nowhere in the world will you find a diverse group of people come together as one. One Nation Under God. In God We Trust. Especially when we have hard times such as 9-1-1 and  other natural disasters, people from all over America gave a hand  and came together to help make a difference and provide support for the families that suffer during the storms of life. Americans have always been willing to help their neighbors no matter what the cost.  We have big hearts in the USA and it's such a beautiful united love for one another that is unique about America.
  • Landscapes/ National Parks/ Monuments:  There is natural beauty from parks, beaches reserves, lakes, mountains and landscapes for our enjoyment. This is something that is not necessarily practiced in other countries. Places like Yellowstone National Park, the Grand Canyon, and Mount Rushmore expressing our culture and heritage that are part of God's blessing of the natural beauty of America. I have visited some of our great cities and countrysides and I would love to visit every beautiful valley, mountain and river if I could. I love sunsets and sunrises too. Such amazing beautiful sights to see!

We would love to travel the USA and share our love for God and our country and visit every state in America! God bless America!!! Love, SunshineThe Great American Revival  

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Wedding at The Beach - "Infinity & Beyond" By Sunshine

Love comes from God and then we give it away. We give our love because God loved us first. Infinity and Beyond, Forever and ever, there is no end in time. I will love you to Infinity and Beyond. Love songs and wedding songs by Sunshine of Melody Dawn Records. Online Bookings 

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Tennessee River - Amazing Grace

Whether you are on the lake or on the beach, wherever you go you see God's beauty. Wherever you go you see God's Amazing Grace. May God watch over you. Love, Sunshine 

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