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Online Bookings “Sunshine” brings flight to the wings that grew out of her deep southern roots.  She interprets the deepest aspect of her heartfelt emotion by wrapping her country-soul voice so completely around the gospel message it transcends the power of the God's word into poetry & sound. 

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Female Artist of the Year - Music Fest 

Record of the Year 3 years in a row California Country Music Association

Entertainer Of The year - Country Radio Broadcasters 

Album of the Year for 'Country Lover' - Country Music Associations of America 


True Value Country Music Showdown – “Romeo Ridge



 "Excellent record!" Artist in good form with good production." 

Shane Wilder, PD - TABC Syndicated Radio - Hollywood, Ca.

"Brenda is one of the freshest new female singers to bless our airwaves for some time. 

Her new album 'Country Lover’ doesn't have one bad song on it.'

Don Gilbert, MD - KSTC Colorado

"Everything about this record is good. Will get a lot of airplay."

Mike Griffith WVOH - Colorado

"This is a great album" 


"In a word 'Excellent!' Super talent - fresh new female voice worthy of airplay. 

In one word ‘Class’." 

WKDO AM-FM Kentucky

"Excellent LP. I was very impressed."

KZZY North Dakota

"One of the most requested indie labels."


"Audience response was excellent. This album is great."

KWIQ Washington

"Excellent audience response. Thanks so much for your album. 

Brenda has got a great voice. This is a great album - keep it up!" 

WOPP Alabama

"Brenda is the greatest singing female sensation in at least two decades.

I can't get enough!! Hang in there kid - let's show 'em!"

Eddie Smith WKAC Alabama

"Would like to commend her on these (songs). She did an excellent job. 

Her record will get played in regular rotation daily. Super LP Brenda. 

Keep up the good work.

Randy Peterson KFBR Arizona

"..Some writers write good songs - some singers sing well. 

This lady has loads of talent. She's writing good songs and sings them very well!" 

John Coles KTAN Arizona

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 Autograph CD's available from our store. “Shine! Shine!! Shine!!!” is an original gospel/country music group. “Shine!!!” is the latest country-gospel CD produced by "Sunshine" Brenda. She wrote 9 of the songs from this CD and co-wrote 3 with guitarist and husband Cliff "Moon" Garrow.  They also play as the duo "Sunshine & Moon".  - Subscribers get discounts in our store. Download mp3's of Melody Dawn Records music here.

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